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"Master Bedroom Design: A Story of Personalized Style and Serenity"

Updated: Apr 26

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom Design

When you want to spend some time alone in peace after the hectic day schedule you land up to your personalized space in the anticipation of being at a place projecting your own story and style. Therefore, the designer gave an attempt to convey a story portraying design. ‘Design story is like a balance between one's personality and the way it is perceived by the world outside.'

Along these lines, a classical touch was given to the whole master bedroom design scheme aiming the usage of finely drawn shades bringing about clean, aesthetically perfect look for those, keen on neat room appearance. The accompanying classical furniture goes well with the design of walls itself, pairing up with the wooden floor and decorated with a rustic looking rug. ‘Rugs are expressive forms of art that combine comfort, elegance, and a specific eccentricity.' Remember to keep soft furnishing to a minimal, however, ensure you have one or two accent pieces like here we have an accent easy chair contributing to be a focal point in the bedroom design. In addition, the white backdrop flowing throughout the room combining with warm, cozy, restful colors creating a serene feel all through and showcasing the user's tasteful style perfectly.

Likewise, the candle chandelier is used as a source of permanent soft ambient lighting. Such chandeliers are capable of holding the light as well and become the focal point within a space. In a design, if you observe you will certainly find the emphasis on the dialog between material and light and play between objects and their functions. The lighting mediums like, chandelier, wall sconces, table lamps, elegantly fill any master bedroom with their sculptural form. Balancing these elements altogether reflects the desire to create an atmosphere that is minimalist and magical at the same time.

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