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“Create a Stunning living room with stylish plants”

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The living room is the ideal place to use plants when it comes to styling it in your own way. Use plants both individually and in groups to get diverse impacts. Tall tree like plants for instance, the rubber plant and dinner- plate ficus, are great specimen plants for people who wishes to add drama to their room. You can likewise, blend plain-leafed plants with the heavy textured ones.

plants in living area
Plants in living area

Moreover, if you don't want a bushy looking space, yet in the meantime, want to incorporate greenery into your living room, take a stab at styling with a handful of plants. Smaller plants perfectly stand out when kept at your coffee table without obstructing your view when seated on the couch. Larger plants help to soften the harsh areas next to your sofa. With regards to the determination of pots, use similar textures and tones to those in your furniture to continue with the style of your inner space.

Play with a range of leafy textures to bring life into the dead corners. A blend of fine and broad leaves coupled up with a seating arrangement can create a charming corner.

If you prefer a dark palette, use plants with solid forms. Leaves with dark color and sharp textures add depth to irritable spaces. On the other hand, a lighter space will influence your plants to stand out more. Whether you are after a dull or light palette, let your plants spill out into your space. Use cascading plants on windowsills and functional areas, tall upright growing plants on the floor and smaller plants on coffee tables. When you gather bigger collection of plants, start experimenting by layering with color, texture, shape and size.

planters in living area
Planters in living area

Plant suggestions for living room

· BIRD OF PARADISE(strelitzia nicolai)

· DEVIL’S IV(epipremnum aureum)

· DINNER PLATE FICUS(Ficus dammarpsis)

· FIDDLE LEAF FIG(Ficus lyrata)

· FRUIT SALAD PLANT(Monstera deliciosa)



· RUBBER PLANT (Ficus elastica)

· UMBRELLA PLANT(Schefflera)

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