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“Unlock your Interior Vision with a mood board”

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Interior Design mood board
Interior Design mood board

When you’re starting any design, firstly, you envision the final project appearance. You may know which colors or textures you’d like to use or furniture to buy. However, many of us battle to recreate it in real life. So, the post will help you analyze the value of making up a mood board and how it can significantly assist you to create a much more integrated interior scheme and how you can give your design running in mind, a shape.

It’s amazing to know that, a mood board can inspire you as it essentially allows you to mull over a design and give your creation a thought. The best thing is, there are no strict guidelines – nobody is going to stand over your mood board and discuss flaws because you can’t treat it to be incorrect instead kick yourself to push the boundaries and explore more. Pull together images you like, paint cards, fabric swatches, magazine cuttings etc. and try out different combinations to build up a scheme you think will satisfy your purpose.

It is constantly productive, to think out of the box, however, at times, we find ourselves cluttered with thoughts that we find it difficult to extract out good out of the collection. So, making an interior mood board helps, to visualize ideas in one place, structure the thoughts and aid them to make wise design decisions. Following this, many people have come up with definite decisions they’d been debating over for months.

Furthermore, color is hugely important and sometimes it can be confounding to decide what paint colors to use in the scheme. Thus, assemble a rundown of color charts to find your preferences and shortlist them in order to play around with the best ones. You’ll be amazed after whittling them down until you get the perfect combination. Utilize your determination as your base and start combining fabrics that compliment your color choices. ‘For your color scheme, pick 3 main colors only as a base then pick more tones from within these 3 colors to make up the rest of the color scheme.’

All of us know, we most likely don’t speak for ourselves when we say that we’ve committed errors. Regardless of, whether it’s ordering a chair you love at one moment and dislike it at the next very moment or may be ordered pots of paint in a rush to just complete it for the time being and realizing it’s simply not the correct choice. Creating an interior mood board will prevent you from rushing into potentially unwise decisions and help you save money by making the right decisions first time round. In the case of large scale projects, like renovation or designing a bunch of spaces, it can be stressful and difficult to know from where to begin. In such cases, these mood boards have proved to be a great help in dealing with the situation with such a calming and enjoyable experience.

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